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Your time is Priceless. So, Bullet like speed News. Watch News, just like social media stories. Heavy work is already done by our servers so that it never slows down your phone. AI Processed and pre-compressed data takes your few KBs and loads like a rocket even on 2G data speeds.

I went to trekking. Khabri Bai was reading News headlines like a magic. They've cracked it down to the next level.

Keshav Yadav, Software Engineer at Oracle

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We don't believe in collecting sensitive user data in the name of personalisation. We don't even have a user registration mechanism. We don't ask for granting any permission except notification which is also optional. You can open the app and listen to the latest news just like you do on TV.

I am very sensitive about my personal data. Being a Lawyer I'm much aware about misuse of my data by cyber criminals. Only thing that convinced me to use Khabri Bai is the Zero Permission Policy. I think other businesses should also learn from it.

Riya, Cyber Lawyer, Jaipur.

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